Hot Air Balloon Brand Advertising

Dont just be seen...BE REMEMBERED!

Cheers Aerial Media - Custom Branded Hot Air Balloons

Does your billboard ad make your brand stand out in a crowd?

Imagine your customers (and potential customers) stopping their cars to take a picture of your billboard. Even better yet, imagine having your billboard ad highlighted in a positive way in major media. Believe it or not, it happens all the time, but not for the reasons you'd expect. More

Cheers Aerial Media - Hot Air Balloon Corporate Advertising Ultimate Brand Visibility! RE/MAX, Wells Fargo and Good Neighbor Pharmacy
lighting up the field...and the cameras at the Great Reno Balloon Race - Photo by: Scott Thompson

The industry standard for billboard visibility is SIX SECONDS! We do better!

Hot Air Balloon - Bonus Impressions

Typical billboards have a two dimensional appearance, people see them...and just keep on driving. They either love them or hate them and they rarely remember them. Advertisers come up with elaborate 3d designs to make their billboards more exciting, and it works. Statistics show a huge increase in PR impressions with these specialized billboards, but for Cheers Over California, that's just not good enough.

Hot Air Balloon and thermal airship advertising has the unique ability to provide a 80 foot tall, and in the case of airships, 135 foot long billboard that will not only be seen, but will also be remembered, photographed and even highlighted on TV News broadcasts and in newspaper headlines, often front page, above the fold.

A hot air balloon or airship is mobile and exciting, which means it goes out and finds its own spectators, generating its own publicity across the full spectrum of media resources. At balloon rallies across the country hot air balloons attract crowds from several thousand to as much as half a million!

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the #1 most photographed event in the world!

With the spread of social media and cell phone cameras, impressions you gain with a hot air balloon program will multiply exponentially as spectators share the pictures they take online.

As a stand alone item, the balloon or airship will create an intensely appealing platform for your brand, but a balloon also gives added emotional appeal when used in conjunction with your existing advertising campaign. Your existing campaign becomes 3-dimensional and alive. Your potential customers will see your existing marketing programs with a whole new perspective.

At Cheers Aerial Media our goal is to make your brand visible and memorable...and make people happy to see you.

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