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RE/MAX NorCal Z42

For Sale!
Thermal Airship

May 2018

We are actively seeking a buyer for our thermal airship system as seen in the pictures and written up at the web page linked below. It is a GEFA FLUG AS105 GD-4. The primary envelope has less than 20 hours on it and the entire system has just 2:40 hours on it since last annual inspection. It is clean (always use tarps, even on green grass) as you can see in the attached Valley Children's image, taken September 2017. It is ready to fly on delivery.

The Airship will be receiving its annual inspection June 12/13, 2018 which would be a great opportunity for a potential buyer to thoroughly check it out. PLUS, it will then have a fresh annual.

More information:

RE/MAX NorCal Z42

Coming soon!
RE/MAX Ballooning NorCal

April 2018

We'll soon be taking delivery of this brand new Cameron Z42 RE/MAX balloon. It is less than half the size of our current RE/MAX balloon and will allow us to inflate in some very tight spaces where it was impossible with the larger balloon.

We'll still have the large balloon for flight and tether operations and this will add an exciting new benefit for our RE/MAX offices here.

Fun is coming!

Soaring Over Ripon!

Media Day flight with Brian Hickey of KCRA in Ripon, CA
featuring our Owner/Chief Pilot David Wakefield
flying for Valley Children's Healthcare.

Amelia Airship
at Color the Skies!

On Sep 5th and 6th, 2015 Amelia Airship performed at
Color the Skies Balloon and Kite Festival in Ripon, CA,
the largest hot air balloon event in California's central
valley. This was only the second time a GEFA-FLUG Thermal
airship has performed at a hot air balloon festival in the
USA. The only other was at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

Color the Skies!
Turlock Journal

Turlock Journal video from Color the Skies
in Ripon, CA featuring our Owner/Chief Pilot
David Wakefield and aircraft from Cheers Aerial Media.

Introducing "Amelia Airship"

Fox 40 News video of our "Amelia Airship"
maiden voyage over Rancho Cordova, CA.

Lincoln California - Airship Amelia Shakedown Flights

Cheers Aerial Media - Airship Amelia - Thermal Airship Shakedown Flights

Cheers Aerial Media is a full service hot air balloon and thermal airship marketing company. We work with our clients to develop these programs from the ground up, including aircraft design, chase vehicle design, setup of the online presence and acquisition of souvenirs for spectator giveaways. Additional support marketing items are also available including large inflatable shelters, cold air advertising balloons, etc.